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Most cyclists know the basic phrase saddle sores. Unfortunately, saddle sores are a complex condition with many variables. Extended hours in the saddle will build pressure on the buttocks and groin. This pressure can reduce blood flow to those areas of the body creating injury to the skin such as redness, rash and in severe cases open wounds, or pressure sores.

Some irritations are a result of pedal cadence and the continual rubbing of the inner thigh against the fabric of the shorts and saddle. The constant friction can eventually rub the skin raw, providing opportunity for bacterial penetration and resulting infection.

Crotch Guard was developed for cyclists to maintain healthy skin conditions which plays a vital role in keeping an athlete in the saddle. Upon application, the silky oil absorbs into the skin for a clean and natural approach to the saddle. Once absorbed, the silky oil reduced friction and resulting chafing irritations, providing an effective defense barrier against redness, rash and potential saddle sore infections.

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