“As far as function goes though, it’s a game-changer” – Greg Lyons

“No product has had such a positive effect on my cycling as Crotch Guard “- Gary Schroeder, Cycle Tech Review

“applying it required no mess or fuss we have to say we were hugely impressed” – Billy Ferguson, Trivelo Bikes

“The Crotch Guard made it through a four hour ride without need for re-application. I was blown away—it’s worth every penny to me!” – Jen,

“On both 40 mile rides the oil performed very well. Not only did it easily last for the duration of my outings, but I didn’t suffer discomfort or irritation during or after the rides.” – Lex, All About the Ride

“Say hello to Crotch Guard and say goodbye to chafing!” – Brian Goldman, Real Runner Reviews

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